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03 October, 2011 / theexpositor

Thabiti Anyabwile addresses McDonald, Jakes and The Elephant Room

Thabiti Anyabwile, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman in the Grand Cayman Islands and a Council member with The Gospel Coalition, posts a tremedous article on The Gospel Coalition website titled Collateral Damage in the Invitation of T.D. Jakes to the Elephant Room, concerning the James McDonald/T.D. Jakes/Elephant Room issue and I think Pastor Anyabwile hits the nail right on the head!

I am wondering if Pastor McDonald has replied publicly to the post, and if he also considers Pastor  Anyabwile to be a pagan, as he described those who disagree with his inclusion of Jakes in the next ER session? Probably not.

“When theologically conservative, Evangelical or Reformed African Americans call for reform in the African-American church, they feel like midgets facing the titans and juggernauts of a word-faith, charismatic pantheon.  The task can seem so daunting and isolating.  Internally, there’s the constant fight with unbelief and resignation.  There’s wrestling with questions like “Can the African-American church be reformed?”  ”Is the church essentially apostate?”  Sometimes these questions have more to do with us than they have to do with the church.  But the questions illustrate how intense and serious a battle this is.

That’s why it’s difficult to see larger-than-life heretics given a platform in circles of pastors and leaders we respect and we regard as co-laborers in defense and confirmation of the truth.  I’m breaking no stories here.  The news of T.D. Jakes’ invitation to the Elephant Room is widespread and rightly lamented by many.  I’m just adding a perspective that hasn’t yet been stated: This kind of invitation undermines that long, hard battle many of us have been waging in a community often neglected by many of our peers.  And because we’ve often been attempting to introduce African-American Christians to the wider Evangelical and Reformed world as an alternative to the heresy and blasphemy so commonplace in some African-American churches and on popular television outlets, the invitation of Jakes to perform in “our circles” simply feels like a swift tug of the rug from beneath our feet and our efforts to bring health to a sick church.”

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One Comment

  1. TedS / Oct 3 2011 11 59

    Mike: “The invitation of Jakes to perform in ‘our circles’ simply feels like a swift tug of the rug from beneath our feet and our efforts to bring health to a sick church.”

    Are you finally starting to get it, brother?
    “Our circles” are just as sick as those others.
    And, you are right – he was invited to “perform.”
    That’s what it has become all about: performance.
    And numbers.
    With the exception of maybe Dever, that’s what the rest of those “pastors” are all about.

    Just get online and check out their very public “performances” and rants. Furtick. Noble. Driscoll. Jakes. And Jakes has bigger numbers than the rest of them. These are the “shepherds” of the Bride of Christ we should emulate? When are we going acknowledge that the entire megachurch system is sick, sick, sick? That we have turned a bunch of egotistical, perhaps borderline malignant narcissists, into our idols?

    That lamentable idolatry becomes obvious after watching the very first Elephant Room promo video, with its preening and braggadocio. And certainly after watching MacDonald and Driscoll disrespect Dever in that infamous ER video.
    Let the show go on!

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