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30 September, 2011 / theexpositor

Reckon why The Elephant Room keeps deleting my comments?

I have posted several comments on the blog site of James McDonald regarding the T.D. Jakes…and they have all been deleted. I even had a reader/listener write and tell me they posted a link for my post  The Elephant Room, T.D. Jakes and our reaction and that comment was deleted.

Why are they deleting the comments? What are they afraid of? Does the goal of an open discussion apply only when the cameras are rolling and some Christian “celebrity” is on the set?



  1. JosephT / Sep 30 2011 20 42

    “Does the goal of an open discussion apply only when the cameras are rolling and some Christian ‘celebrity’ is on the set?”

    Have you watched the previous videos?
    The whole thing is produced to the nth degree. Canned. Phony.
    Just one big platform to give these superstar celebrities another venue to sell books and be idolized.

    But why speculate?
    For just $349 you can have a seat in the audience.

  2. Paula Coyle / Oct 3 2011 23 25

    I guess because we’re all like Nazis and need to be silenced, see…

    Lord help him to see his error and stop lashing out at those who love him enough to speak up.

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