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28 September, 2011 / theexpositor

The Elephant Room and T.D. Jakes

In case you haven’t been following, James McDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin, Illinois, started a discussion group, which is taped and posted online, called The Elephant Room. There has actually only been one such meeting as I understand, and the first involved Mark Driscoll, Perry Noble and others. Understandably the conversation was lively, some say even heated, and has definitely caused some controversy.


In the last week or so the news came out that Dr. McDonald intends to host T.D. Jakes on the next panel discussion. When I first read this, I immediately wondered what the context of a discussion with Jakes would be. Jakes is an open prophet and promoter of the Word of Faith heresy and he affirms the equally heretical oneness or Modalist doctrine, whose basic tenets includes a denial of the holy Trinity and that salvation must include speaking in tongues and you must be baptized by immersion and in the name of Jesus only.


My other initial thought was would those involved in the Elephant Room discussions be star-struck by Jakes and melt in awe in his celebrity and thusly be hesitant to ask tough questions. I have seen it time and time again especially when a situation involves Rick Warren or Joel Osteen. It seems that when someone sells a few books or chalks up “big numbers” in a churches attendance, then they become immune to hardball questions.


My main concern is will the Elephant Room group appease T.D. Jakes and buddy-up with him, or will they be bold and direct in defense of the Gospel and call Jakes to account for his heresy and call on him to repent?

Here is a very informative post from Apprising Ministries with more background and detail on this issue: