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11 August, 2011 / theexpositor

Mark Driscoll talks about the Twilight craze

I listened recently to this portion of a Mark Driscoll message where he emphasizes the ungodly phenomenon of the Twilight books and movies and the occultism that it involves. He states many of the same points that I have and I agree with Mark’s conclusions. Christians, and especially Christian parents…how can you in good conscience and obedience to the Lord, allow your children, or yourselves, to have anything to do with this stuff? One more note; there is some humor in this clip, and many of the folks in the congregation are laughing, but I am glad that Driscoll drives the point home.



  1. royalpriest / Aug 15 2011 6 17

    Interesting but doesn’t seem consistent with the Mars Hill line on other occult related issues such as Halloween. I find myself asking the question at what point does the Christian make a distinction between occult practices that should should be avoided as a matter of conscience and obedience and those that should be “redeemed for the Glory of God”? See below link for further details:


  1. Mark Driscoll on The Twilight Series | The Watchman – Illuminating lives through the light of His Word

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