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12 July, 2011 / theexpositor

Generous Gospel Obedience

from the Ligonier blog article Generous Gospel Obedience by Buck Parsons

We are often only concerned about our own little kingdoms rather than the kingdom of God, monuments to our own names rather than glory to the name of our God, glory from men rather than glory to God. When we give, let’s never ask: What will this do for me? What returns will it bring me? Will I get a pat on the back? Will I be adoringly recognized? How little can I give to make a good impression? How much should I give in order to get the necessary deductions? Rather, let us pray that God would help us ask those questions that serve to advance His kingdom, not our own. Authentic generosity becomes the man whose heart is established in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who generously sacrificially came and lived and died and lives and prays and reigns and will come again and give us all things.