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07 July, 2011 / theexpositor

John MacArthur Says America Is Under Divine Judgment


Evangelical preacher John MacArthur spoke at the 2011 Resolved Conference in Palm Springs, Calif., Saturday evening, saying America’s sins were akin to that of Israel’s and the nation was under divine judgment.

“Materialism, drunkard pleasure seeking, arrogant conceit, defiant sinfulness, moral perversion, and corrupt leadership… Do you not see [them] in America?” MacArthur asked a roughly 3,000-strong Christian audience at the four-day conference which began June 24.

The head pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Calif., MacArthur identified Israel’s six sins leading to six curses on that nation from Isaiah 5, saying those misdeeds were not isolated to Israel.

Author of more than 150 books, the evangelical leader said, “I look at America… people say what is wrong with this country. That is what’s wrong with this country. Right there. They have rejected the Word, the law of the Lord, the Holy One Himself.”

Talking about the sin of arrogant conceit, he said America was guilty, too. It is “when a society does not want to hear from God, but wants to be its own authority where every man does that which is right in his own eyes and feels that he is the ultimate authority, he is the ultimate source of truth,” he explained.

MacArthur added that America had corrupt leaders, too. The Hebrew words for “heroes at drinking wine and champions at mixing drinks,” as mentioned in Isaiah 5:22, referred to leaders, he said. “What do we have here? We have here, folks, Anthony Weiner type people…corrupt leaders. Is there ever any end to this corruption…who literally prostitute their position and justify wicked people for a bribe and take away the rights of the innocent people…politicians and leaders who can be bought.”

The speaker reminded, “We are not a covenant people in America, but we have been a privileged people.” He said while America did not have a “divine promise as a unique nation called out,” it had been given “exposure to the divine promises of the Gospel in Jesus Christ.”

“No other nation has literally been born out of a desire to be faithful and obedient to the living and abiding Word of God. America is the first nation that separated Church and State.”

MacArthur stressed that because God was patient with Israel, America should not expect Him to be patient with it. “As somebody said a few years ago, if God doesn’t destroy America pretty soon, He’s gonna have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

The 72-year-old pastor encouraged the listeners to ponder on what they could do “in a nation in crisis in divine judgment.” “How do you fit, how do you make an impact?”

MacArthur was speaking on the pursuit of godly life.

“There were some things that settled into my heart very early into my life and ministry… The two most dominant realities that captivated my heart very early in my Christian experience were the authority of Scripture and the necessity of holiness… How do I get deeper than I am, far deeper than I am. I asked the Lord to show me,” he said in the beginning of the sermon. He added that initially he read books by mystics to find out if there was a secret to living a Godly life, but he was soon directed to the Scriptures.

MacArthur said Isaiah’s song in Chapter 5 was the setting for Chapter 6, which talks about holiness of God. He said the word holy “has to do with being separate from sinners.”

The song is about the vineyard of Isaiah’s well beloved, “a melancholic song…a kind of funeral song…Isaiah’s requiem for a nation,” MacArthur said. Isaiah’s well beloved dug it all around, removed its stones and planted it with the choicest wine. He built a watchtower in the middle and cut out a winepress. Then he expected it to produce good grapes, but it produced only worthless ones. “You can call it a parable, an analogy, an illustration.”

The vineyard is the house of Israel and the delightful plant is the home of Judah, MacArthur explained. God did everything for Israel, but He got “sour berries.” That’s why the history of Israel and that of Judah “is a history of holocausts, one after another and another.” “They sit on the brink of another holocaust as the Arab world gathers around with the objective of the extermination of the Jewish people,” he said.

“Is this God’s fault? What else God could give them?” he asked. He quoted Isaiah 5:5-7, “Now I will tell you what I am going to do to my vineyard: I will take away its hedge, and it will be destroyed; I will break down its wall, and it will be trampled. I will make it a wasteland, neither pruned nor cultivated, and briers and thorns will grow there. I will command the clouds not to rain on it.” That’s “divine punishment,” he warned.




  1. vanessa / Aug 2 2011 11 42

    I agree America is under judgment along with the rest of the world. The verses MacArthur mentioned pertain to the [eretz] or land of Israel. The people he calls jew-ish in Israel today are not Israelites by any stretch of the imagination. They are Gentiles (Genesis 10:2,3…) descended from Japheth. Germans, Russians and Spaniards are Gentiles not Israelites. Has anyone considered this as a part of the Palestinian anger?

    A previous president of Egypt in the 50’s was quoted after being asked why he would not support Israel. His answer was: “The Israelites left Israel Black and returned White.” Israelites are Shemitic. Hamitic people, Ham’s descendants (Africa) know this. Why doesn’t the Church Know this? Hebrews and Israelites are not and never were Gentiles.

    It’s way past time for our church leaders to read and study and teach and preach the whole truth instead of historical lies, deceptions and half truths. It’s the end of the age. What will these notable ministers/authors do when all the true Israelites show up in the current scheme of things? Oh that’s right the Church does not expect to here. That does not stop it from being embarrassing that we know or teach so little from the Bible and real history.

    They are being regathered all over the world at this very hour. The church is totally deaf and blind to this. The spiritual blindness imposed by the Holy One of Israel on a large but partial number of His chosen people is being lifted. They were scattered to the four corners of the earth not just Russia. Americas and Poland and they were survivors of all twelve tribes not just Judah or Yahudah. There is biblically no such thing as a jew-ish people. Judah is one Tribe of the twelve tribes of Israel. If our church leaders won’t do it– it is about time for the rest of us to begin to ask and do the work to understand who those people in Israel ruling now and, who has been ruling since 70 A.D. It certainly is not the Israelites.

    My point is, none of what they teach from our churches and pulpits and these conferences can be taken seriously if they DON’T know at this time and place in the unfolding of biblical prophecy and judgment that those they call jew-ish are imposters and the whole world is deceived– just as the Bible says. Was it Yahshuah’s desire (who is called the Lord or God as if He has no name) for the church to be deceived as well? Un-Americanize the Bible and we might just learn the Truth even at this late date it can only be a blessing to us all and help us understand what is really happening in this world.

    Born-again, Spirit filled and love the Word…


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  2. How could a God of Love order the genocide of the Canaanites?

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