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17 May, 2011 / theexpositor

Common White House ‘arrogance’ (

Common White House ‘arrogance’ (

White House emblemA conservative media watchdog says it was “arrogant” for the Obama administration to invite a controversial rapper to read poetry at the White House.


According to Fox News, Common, the actor and rapper whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn Junior, was recently invited by First Lady Michelle Obama to attend a poetry reading event at the White House, despite the fact that some of his works feature and condone violence.

Common reportedly once wrote a poem that calls for the metaphoric burning of George W. Bush, and one of his songs praises a convicted cop killer who escaped prison and is now living under political asylum in Cuba.

“Had this been the Bush administration and had Laura Bush invited someone who had said these [kinds] of things, it would explode in their face,” contends Matt Philbin, managing editor at the Media Research Center‘s Culture and Media Institute. “So you have a situation where they’re just not vetting who they invite to the White House, unless they really don’t care.” He further deems the visit “ridiculous,” as Common “is not a nice person.”
So Philbin concludes that “this is just a case of White House arrogance,” and he goes on to note that as long as the president and first lady like him, it appears as if it does not matter that a rapper who celebrates a cop killer is invited to the White House for poetry.