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28 April, 2011 / theexpositor

John MacArthur-Supernational Lessons from a Natural Disaster

Dr. John MacArthur offered this sermon back in 2004, . On the heels of the tragedy of the tornadoes that hit the southern region of America, I offer this today. 

 “What do these events mean? Well what does it mean when a tower collapses and kills indiscriminately Christians, non-Christians, adults, children, evil people and moral people? What does it mean when a plane goes down and everybody dies without regard for their relative morality, or spirituality or knowledge of God? What’s the point? Is God picking on certain people by assembling them together in the right place to just kill them all?

Now we know better than that. We know a lot of very wretched, evil, wicked people who are doing very well. They’re healthy and prosperous and living long lives and doing everything they can to corrupt our culture. And we know some very good people who died in terrible calamities…car wrecks, train wrecks, illnesses, even hurricanes. What does it mean?”

Click here to either read or listen to the entire sermon.