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29 March, 2011 / theexpositor

More instances of Beck’s man-centered, new age lies….

I read about this story through Worldview Times and was not surprised by it at all. It refers to an appearance by Marvin Olasky, a onetime communist and atheist, who trusted Christ a number of years ago and is now the editor of World magazine. I encourage you to read the entire article. I know of many people, friends even, who admire and trust Glenn Beck, but he is very, very dangerous.

The audience was then permitted to ask questions.  One young woman asked for help in dealing with her “sense of powerlessness and sadness.”  Olasky responded that, despite the many schemes proposed by humans, “Nothing works apart from Jesus Christ.”  Beck responded, “That’s not the way I would have answered it . . . But it is a good answer.”  He then offered his prescription for a disordered society:  “We just have to put it all in order.  We have to enlighten ourselves, educate ourselves, empower ourselves, and then be creators.  That is the solution.”  Powerfully, Olasky concludes his summary of appearing on Beck’s program:  “Clear enough.

Two different views:  One with God at the center, one with man at the center.  Beck emphasized his position:  ‘Jefferson said fix reason firmly in her seat, and question the very existence of God.  I have applied that to not just God but everything. . . Empower yourself.’”  Olasky concludes that when he went to the Glenn Beck website a few days later and viewed the program, he noted that his comment, “Nothing works apart from Jesus Christ,” and Beck’s curt response, were not there.  Interestingly, they had been cut!  That says more about Glenn Beck’s agenda than the volumes of liberal critiques of his program and of his worldview.  Beck’s question, “Can man rule himself?,” can only be answered no, unless you come from Beck’s quasi-humanist viewpoint, which sees empowered, educated and enlightened man as the solution to the human dilemma.  He is not!  Only Jesus Christ is the answer, for apart from Jesus, man will only make the human condition worse.  Marvin Olasky articulated that well (even though it was cut); Glenn Beck did not.

Read the entire article…