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24 March, 2011 / theexpositor

Rick Warren’s Infiltration of the Reformed Faith

This is an excerpt from an article at Worldview Times. You can read the entire article at

There is irrefutable evidence that Rick Warren is a false teacher who terribly mishandles the Word of God for his own spiritual agenda. That is why Warren’s photo ops with Reformed leaders do nothing for the truth, and they do everything for Rick Warren’s relentless campaign for credibility and influence among those who should know better.

Scripture plainly tell us, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11

Has theology become a sort of arcane academic study for hobbyists with no practical application in the real world of evangelicalism? Is Rick Warren a false teacher leading many astray, or are differences with him not that big of a deal? Can we warn about a ravening wolf spiritually while simultaneously throwing an arm around him?

The issues surrounding Rick Warren are not minor, secondary issues over ways and means. We are witnessing a spiritual battle that is growing in intensity and nothing less than the Gospel is at stake.

The issues are growing more and more refined as lines are being blurred and as good is being called evil and evil is being labeled good by influential leaders.

That is why the divisions are growing deeper, the rhetoric angrier and more hostile, and it is why discouragement is rampant among servants of the Lord. The enemy has come in like a flood, and those attempting to raise up a standard against him are under incredible attack. Biblically faithful believers are watching in shock as men they trusted are serving as useful tools in the hands of the enemy.

The lesson in all of this for those who are Reformed and also for those who are not, is that the blind following of celebrity authors and teachers must end. The near papal devotion some of these leaders inspire blinds followers to spiritual danger.

There is no substitute for knowing and reading the Scriptures. It is easier to listen to a gifted speaker or nationally-known teacher and author than to dig into the Word itself, but therein lies the danger.

Those who may have been reliable guides a year ago may no longer be. The cracks in the spiritual lives of leaders are not always immediately evident. Over the course of time, however, those pastors and teachers on a treadmill with their publishers and handlers and endless conferences can lose the plot. They can believe their own press and grow personally complacent about their own need for prayer and teaching and accountability.

As the spiritual battle intensifies, there must be a renewed commitment by those who love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ to individual humility, prayer and Bible reading. We must ask the Lord to protect our minds and hearts from the seducing wiles of the enemy, asking him to reveal any idolatry of men in our hearts and to give us ears only for the voice of the Savior as found in His eternal Word.


The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands forever.

–Isaiah 40:8




  1. Douglas / Mar 24 2011 21 47

    There is no substitute for knowing and reading the Scriptures.” Exactly.

    This WILL help all Christians:

    Bible Reading System

  2. Douglas / Mar 24 2011 22 12

    If he cannot get men like Tim Challies and Kevin DeYoung, Justin Taylor, D.A. Carson and the like to endorse him, Rick Warren will endorse them, as he did in the new book, Don’t Call it a Comeback from Crossway Books. Rick Warren’s endorsement is prominently featured on this book that features contributions by some of the biggest names in the Reformed world.

    When I read that my heart sunk and when I went to to check it out there is Warren’s endorsement and my heart sunk even further. They have allowed a Scripture twisting false teacher to endorse their book? Incomprehensible. I wont be buying or reading their stuff anymore. I pray to God doesn’t get sucked in, I really do…reading that today has made me so very very sad and discouraged, really discouraged…

    I believe Rick Warren has done far more harm and deceiving than Charles Finney through until the present time. I think Rick Warren is not a Christian. All the trappings of a very religious self promoting boasting man, a Christian, no.

    Lord Jesus, please help your trusting sheep…

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