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23 March, 2011 / theexpositor

False Prophetess Stacy Campbell in action

I saw this at Christian Reserach Net and when I watch trash like this it makes me angry and sad. My bullet points:

  • Aside from the unbiblical placement of a woman in ministry leadership….
  • This is a totally fleshly display and void of any honor to the Lord and His Word.
  • It seeks only to boost people feelings and emotions.
  • It is a total distortion and maniplulation of Scripture.
  • Most of what was spoken there as “prophesy” was nothing more than something you could hear at a Tony Robbins motivation seminar.
  • This ministry is false.

One Comment

  1. Paula / Mar 23 2011 9 19

    Amen to that. Recently I saw this same sort of nonsense happening on Pat Robertson’s son’s program. While i don’t want to defend Pat and his brand of Christianity, they used to be somewhat tame, but now they’re losing it too.

    They were talking about Heidi Baker and her book Intimacy for Miracles.

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