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11 March, 2011 / theexpositor

Right is right…the Schlueter-Rosebrough issue

I have started to write my thoughts on this subject several times only to erase it because I wasn’t satisfied with the wording or the tone. I plan on recording a special podcast on the issue in the next day or so but wanted to take a brief opportunity now to speak up on behalf of a sister in Christ as she has been bombarded with attacks, insults and half-truths.

Many of you may know about the disagreements, battles if you will, between two fellow believers, Ingrid Schlueter and Chris Rosebrough.  If you aren’t familiar with what I’m referring to there is plenty of materials to review on their websites and broadcasts.

Although we have never met in person, I have appreciated them and their ministries for quite a while and they have both had roles to play in my work as well.

But the events of the last 30 days for me have been upsetting and unsettling. I want to go on record as saying that again while I appreciate the ministry and work of Chris, I have to say that I support Ingrid Schlueter and her positions on the issues involved. Many of the comments attributed to her have been misleading, misquoted or manipulated, and she has been the victim of unwarranted, and in some cases, vicious rumors and conjecture. 

Remarks made by Chris such as “prepared to be boarded” and the inappropriate use of slang and metaphor have been unnecessary at the least and at the worse offensive and crude. He should apologize to Ingrid and her husband for these words, if he hasn’t already.

If you were to ask Ingrid, I am sure she would admit that she expects some level of negative response to a lot of what she says and does. Having served in a somewhat highly public ministry myself, I can relate to it as well as I have faced everything from shunning by family members to death threats. I am also pretty sure if asked if she would do, say or write some things differently, she would humbly admit that she should have.

But aside from the obvious that we are all imperfect and make mistakes, Ingrid’s commitment to biblical truth and righteousness; to the cause of our Lord is undeniable and her courage and faithfulness to be on the front line in the battle is to be commended and appreciated. It takes a lot to be willing to accept the stresses and pressures that accompany taking a firm stand on issues, especially these days and the commitment by Ingrid and her family to stay in the fight is inspiring.

Many of us Christian men, me included, were too slow to respond to this matter; some said little at all. I personally emailed Chris and called on him to step to the front and put an end to this. This can’t go on. I do so again today through this writing.

To those of us who sat on our hands and did little or nothing, I think we have cause to feel as if we have let both parties down and we should commit now to stand firm, no matter what the cost.

But right is right, and in spite of secondary issues, we cannot and must not waiver in our mandate to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints. Like it or not, Ingrid is on target and on point.

There is need for repentance, forgiveness and reflection in all of this.

Let it start with me.



  1. Paula / Mar 11 2011 21 03

    Thank you, Mike.

  2. Brenda / Mar 11 2011 21 34

    Thank you.

  3. gaylepeters / Mar 11 2011 23 17

    There is need for repentance, forgiveness and reflection in all of this. AMEN

  4. Claris Van Kuiken / Mar 16 2011 7 52

    Thank you sir, for your honesty, insight and apology for not writing sooner to support a woman I know well and who has fought most of her life to defend the faith once entrusted to the saints. I also know, from personal experience, when your friends (whom at least you thought were your friends), and even many in your own family or “church family,” refuse to support you and come to your defense, even if it’s just by their silence, it is deeply, terribly painful.

    God will give Ingrid the rest, comfort and strength she needs to recover from the attack she has experienced, not only recently, but for the many attacks over the years. She gave her whole life over to God, continously being committed to trying to open peoples’ eyes to the insideous deception taking place both within our country and our churches.

    Thank you once again, for not remaining silent, for showing the love and support a sister in Christ needs at this time, and for the humble service you do as well in His name.

  5. Tom Schlueter / Mar 16 2011 11 31

    Many thanks, Mike, for your very accurate, balanced insights and comments of this situation, which sadly, occurs all too often in Christian ranks. You couldn’t have said it better and it can’t be overstated what this means to my wife. Hopefully, this will help motivate personal examination, and ultimately, true repentance and healing to the glory of Christ.

    Sincere thanks.

  6. Martha / Mar 17 2011 21 10

    I want to echo the sentiments here. thanks, Mike – and I hope that two Christians can be reconciled and continue to bring the Gospel in their respective ministries.

  7. Mike Corley / Apr 7 2011 14 54

    To Carl in WV…..I am not posting your comment. I suppose you claim to be a Christian? I will say this, that Ingrid and Mr. Eliason have stood for the Gospel and it’s defense, putting their faith where their mouth and money are. What have you done sir? What are you doing?

    • theexpositor / Apr 7 2011 15 24

      Carl, no Im not going to publish your comments as they are mean-spirited and cowardly. So tell me…what church do you attend? If you do propose to be a Christian, what are you doing for the cause of Christ? Want to answer those questions or would you just rather just send first name emails and hurl insults?


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