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28 February, 2011 / theexpositor

What is the Walk to Emmaus?

I have had friends ask me about The Walk to Emmaus and I have been invited to such an event, but I have been uncertain about what it is.  This short but very revealing article from Lighthouse Trails Research, and reading the information from the Upper Room Ministries website, helped me to understand. This is something that true Christians should not participate in or promote.

The Walk to Emmaus is a program put on by Upper Room Ministries. Upper Room promotes Spiritual Formation (i.e., contemplative spirituality), and if you want to understand the dynamics of Walk to Emmaus, then understanding the spiritualityof Upper Room will help you.

“The Walk to Emmaus is an adaptation of the Roman Catholic Cursillo Movement, which originated in Spain in 1949.” from the Walk to Emmaus website

Walk to Emmaus is widely spread. It is estimated that over half a million persons have experienced a Walk to Emmaus weekend and today the Movement counts more than 300 communities distributed all over the United States as well as all over the world.1

Mantra Meditation is promoted at Upper Room Ministries also:

“Mantra — The word comes from Sanskrit. Its two-syllabus mean: man or mind and tra or deliverance. A mantra is sound vibration that is intended to deliver the mind from distractions and a focus on the material world. A mantra is repeated like a chant and has a spiritual effect associated with the physical vibration. A mantra can be as simple as one syllable ‘OM’ or as more complicated such as, ‘OM SRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM’.” From the Upper Room website

“The Walk to Emmaus is an adaptation of the Roman Catholic Cursillo Movement, which originated in Spain in 1949.”2

Tres Dias is an offshoot of the Cursillo Movement and should be avoided as well.

List of places that do Walk to Emmaus

The Walk to Emmaus (The Upper Room) website

Upper Room and Lectio Divina

Chrysalis Walk to Emmaus

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  1. onesimus1tg / Sep 26 2011 10 42

    A very good Christian friend of ours in another state told me he had done an ‘Emmaus Walk’. I asked “What’s that?” He hemmed and hawed around, and wouldn’t tell me…leaving me with a feeling that MY spiritual walk with the Lord is far, far below his, due to his ‘Emmaus Walk’. Thanks for the insights…

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