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28 February, 2011 / theexpositor

SBC Committee Decides against Expelling Members of Pro-Gay Bapist Alliance– The Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee decided earlier this week that a church’s membership in a pro-gay Baptist group does not automatically disqualify it from being part of the conservative Baptist denomination.

A membership condition for the SBC, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, states that a church is disqualified from being a member if it “[acts] to affirm, approve or endorse homosexual behavior.”

Based on this condition, Oklahoma messenger to the SBC annual meeting last June, Wes Kenney, asked the Executive Committee “to consider any church’s affiliation with the Alliance of Baptist to constitute an action which affirms, approves or endorses homosexual behavior.”

The Alliance of Baptists affirms gay marriage and permits members of any sexuality.

But the Executive Committee members decided against banning all churches that are members of the Alliance from also being members of the SBC, according to the Associated Baptist Press. Instead, it decided that each church’s qualification should be considered on a case-by-case basis.


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  1. Mark / Mar 1 2011 17 07

    I think the case-by-case basis may be a good call – a church may belong to this group on some other basis, without itself endorsing homosexual behavior. I’d be concerned about what else that is unBiblical a church teaches and practices, given its affiliation with that conglomerate. My point is, this approach is different than the SBC saying that it’s carte blanche okay to belong to that group. However, membership in that group, I think, should get a particular church a very close look.

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