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24 February, 2011 / theexpositor

Obama Orders DOJ to Stop Defending DOMA

FOX News reported that the man who currently holds the office of president has ordered his wuss heading up the Department of Justice to stop defending traditional marriage.

The Obama administration announced Wednesday that it will no longer defend the federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

The decision marks a significant about-face for the Obama Justice Department, which until now had defended the law in court despite President Obama’s misgivings with the policy. The administration’s attorneys as recently as last month had filed a court motion in support of the Defense of Marriage Act, which effectively bans recognition of same-sex marriage.

But after two new lawsuits were filed in New York and Connecticut, Obama ordered Attorney General Eric Holder not to defend the statute.

“I fully concur with the president’s determination,” Holder said in a statement, declaring the provision to be “unconstitutional.”

Holder said members of Congress may step up to defend the statute, but the Justice Department “will cease defense.”

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