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16 February, 2011 / theexpositor

Youssef on Obama’s Road Ahead

Dr.  Michael Youssef offers follow-up comment on the situation in Egypt:

For Obama and his administration, this is going to be “the mother” of all foreign policies decisions. Will Barak Hussein Obama follow the shrewdness and strength of example of Reagan? Or will he choose the indecisiveness of Jimmy Carter? For America’s sake, let us hope, pray and work to see our current president model Ronald Reagan.

My recurring nightmare, however, is that Mr. Obama himself ends up being far more sympathetic to some of the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology than he currently lets on. In testifying to Congress, the President’s own chief of intelligence dubbed the Muslim Brotherhood “a secular group.” Anyone with elementary knowledge of Arabic and who reads their publications would have to be blind, deaf and mute to conclude this group is made up of anything but Jihadists. Nonetheless, because I’m a man of faith, I pray for a miracle – that the Obama administration will see hear and speak truth.

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