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15 February, 2011 / theexpositor

Beware of False Prophets: The Case Against Charles G. Finney DVD

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“The eighteenth-century lawyer-turned-preacher, Charles Finney, impacted American Christianity in ways that have yet to be fully measured. His legacy is still wielding significant influence over modern evangelicalism. This new documentary from Apologetics Group and examines Finney’s theology and sheds gospel light on some of the more damaging aspects of his teaching.” — Dr. Tom Ascol, Editor, The Founder’s Journal

For years Charles G. Finney has gotten a free ride from evangelical preachers and churches for various reasons, but mostly because few had ever taken the time to read his obtuse books or even try to understand his theology.  Many supposedly came to Christ under him, and that was enough to convince the multitudes that he must be sound and Biblical.

But now a number of writers and theologians are opening the door to his theology, and many are shocked to see what he truly believed – Charles G. Finney was clearly and undeniably a heretic—he did not preach nor teach the true gospel, as set forth in the Scriptures.  In fact it is not an exaggeration to say that he was one of the greatest heretic’s of church history! And this is why the current work by Jerry Johnson and is so valuable—it exposes the reality of Finney’s false and damnable theology.


“My wish is that every church in America, which claims to be an evangelical church, which preaches the true gospel, would use this work to alert God’s people of the heresy of the past as well as of our day!  It is true that the shadow of Charles Finney’s false theology and gospel still haunts the churches of our day, and many are not even aware of it.” — Dr. Richard P. Belcher, author, A Journey in Grace

“If a seminary professor today were to deny total depravity and the necessity of grace for saving faith, and at the same time was fuzzy on the doctrine of justification by faith alone, he would hardly be considered a paragon of evangelical orthodoxy. Yet, such are some of the beliefs of Charles Finney, the man who is considered an expert on revival by far too many evangelicals. I am very thankful for this documentary from Jerry Johnson and that throws light on the strange theology of Charles Finney and raises serious questions about his being a role model for evangelicals of our day.” — Dr. Michael Haykin, Professor of Church History, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“ has done it again: exposing false teachers for the wolves they really are – all for the good of the flock of Christ, that can grow strong upon nothing but the unadulterated truth of the gospel. This is an accurate and much-needed exposé that I would recommend to anyone professing to be an Evangelical believer in modern America.” — Nathan Pitchford, author, What the Bible says about the Doctrines of Grace


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  1. Cliff Withrow / Feb 23 2011 5 34

    Years ago I attend a Church that really promoted Finney’s methodology. I wonder if the pastor every took the time to read Finney in his own words. If he had, he would have rejected Finney’s methods and the theology from which the sprang. I again want to thank for another outstanding production.

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