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21 January, 2011 / theexpositor

Real Gospel Sermons….need to hear from y’all

 I just listened to a “sermon” by a Louisiana pastor in what he promoted would be 

“…as clear of a presentation of how to be born again as I have ever given.

It is my humble opinion that what I heard was at best “half-truths”, a light and fluffy presentation to appeal to peoples emotions and clearly left the message that it is man’s choice when, where and how to born again. I’m going back to listen to it again, but I’m almost certain that there is also no mention of the condition of man and the necessity for people to repent and nothing dealing the fact that we are not sinners deserving only of God’s judgment and can do nothing apart from the grace of God. Rather we are told we are “messed up” and need a friend.

Here is my appeal to all of you….I want to hear or read a true, accurate presentation of the Gospel message by a preacher of the Gospel. I can pull the ones I have in my library, but I would to hear from you guys as well. Send me transcripts, website addresses or links and I will review them and use them as part of a future radio program. Include your comments or suggestions too if you like.





  1. John / Jan 21 2011 16 24

    The first sermon is titled “From Death Unto Life” and the second is “Made Alive in Christ” by Jono Sims of Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church. I also recommend “Worship in the Midst of Warfare” which is a beautiful picture of Christ from the book of Joshua. You could also try one of David Miller’s sermons @

  2. Al Houston / Jan 22 2011 22 18

    Hi Mike,

    Here is a good gospel sermon from PastorErnie Lassman from Messiah Lutheran in Seattle. Heard this one on Fighting for the Faith a year or so back, loved it. I listen to it every now and then when I need to be reminded that it’s Christ’s finished work, not mine. Soli Deo Gloria. God bless Mike, here’s the link:

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