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18 November, 2010 / theexpositor

Which is accurate and faithful…which is the truth and which is a lie? Which one is ashamed of the Gospel?

Rick Warren on the Sean Hannity FOX News program telling how to get to heaven:


John MacArthur on CNN’s Larry King Live explaining the true Gospel:



  1. Mark / Nov 19 2010 7 59

    Thanks, Mike. This is astonishing. Someone might argue that Warren was telling a simplified version of the message for a broad audience, but I have seen videos of him saying similar things in a church setting. Further, MacArthur is also addressing a broad audience and doesn’t bunt but hits the ball hard and out of the park!

    If the Georgia Baptist Convention will expel a church (and they have; see for having a woman co-pastor, contrary to the BF&M, why won’t the Southern Baptist Convention or the California Baptist body discipline Warren for teaching a false Gospel?

  2. willy / Nov 19 2010 18 52

    Thanks, I agree with the comment above

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