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12 November, 2010 / theexpositor

My 2 cents…

Interesting how relaxed and congenial Obama was in Indonesia. Once again the coward-in-chief takes more opportunities on foreign soil to bad-mouth American and Israel. Let’s count down the days that we give this incompetent boob his walking papers.

The public appearances by President George W. Bush remind us what a real leader is like. From what I hear and read his book Decision Points is great!

Is anyone else ticked off about the arrogance displayed by the democrats, especially Pelosi? Now even her own kind thinks she should be out to pasture.

I did something I rarely do and that is I watched a lot of the Country Music awards program the other night, and for the most part I thought it was junk. The music was music and some if it was good, but A LOT OF IT WAS NOT COUNTRY MUSIC! Long-haired, ear-ringed singers (and that’s just the males), choreography, and costumes was not representative of country music. Le6t’s face it, 90% of what was on that program was pop or rock music, and that’s okay if that what you like, but it ain’t country. And pa-lease….the dude with the top hat and tennis shoes…not country. The saddest part is, I will never get that hour or so back.