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09 November, 2010 / theexpositor

Headlines that are the news…(and my two cents)

Obama says US dominance declining... [Duh! I wonder why that is when incompetent socialists like Obama is at the helm.]

Indian minister asks Obama to end turban frisking...[Pa-lease!]

CELEBRATE: PELOSI PARTY FOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS! [The arrogance of these democrats/communists/heathens know no boundaries.]

HARLEY-DAVIDSON to build bikes in India...[Not only do we have to try and understand a tech rep on the phone, that is if you can even get someone on the phone…now this.]

STUDY: Sex, drugs more common in hyper-texting teens...[No surprise here at all! Facebook is a terrible tool for teens especially.]

URINE LUCK: New app lets you take STD test by 'peeing into your phone'...[Only in America…]

Pill to have 'embedded microchip'... [A sign of the end? I think so.]