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08 November, 2010 / theexpositor

Personal notes…one last time

This is a silly post to write but I will write it anyway and it will be my last time to write it so read carefully. Any further questions on this topic will referred to this post. You ready?

My name is Mike Corley and I wear a cowboy hat and boots. I am 49 years old and for most of those years I wore hats and boots. For a few years, while in the radio business, I dabbled in trying to be more contemporary and “hip” and obviously it didn’t take.

I grew up on a farm and my folks had cattle and some horses but mostly they raised cotton and soybeans. In my early adult years I worked for a man tending to his cows, horses and pasture land, and tried to rodeo a little but all of my experience in these do not qualify me as a cowboy. As much as I would still love to be one, I am not worth of that title. One day I hope have my own place with a little pasture land and a round pen to work ponies.

I love cowboyin, horses, cows, western history and collecting, cowboy music, poetry, literature and films.

I am not going through a cowboy phase or stage. This is how I like to live and feel comfortable.

If you don’t like my hat and boots, fine…don’t look at me.

If you don’t want to wear a hat and boots, fine…nobody is making you do it.

I know my moustache is long and my hair is cut close to the sides. I like it that way.

You can stare at me if you like but you are moved to speak to me, especially if it is pertaining to my way of life, keep it simple and polite or you may just get the rudeness thrown back at you. I detest rude and disrespectful behavior and will not tolerate it directed at me and particularly at my family.

I am not originally from Texas but I claim it as my home and most likely one day reside there permanently.

I have always talked the way I do, except when I change my voice for different occasions like for radio or goofin-off. If you do not like my mode of speech, my turn of phrase or the use of metaphor and rural colloquialisms, then don’t listen to me then. I’m almost certain I will sleep fine tonight.

I love to laugh, tell stories, spend time with my children and grandchildren and to dream.

I love the Lord and seek to know Him more. I have failed Him miserably many times, but He has never failed me.