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12 October, 2010 / theexpositor


What more evidence do we need of a society and culture that has gone to hell, than this story. What goes on in the lives of teenagers that they can treat a young girl this way? Megan Kelly on FOX News also reported that the bullies attended the dead girls funeral and laughed at her in her casket.

Just like the young man in West Monroe, Louisiana, who killed his parents and casually went to school that morning, I wonder what the lifestyle is of people who can commit such hideous behavior. And, like the Louisiana case, I dare say we will hear anything about the lifestyles. My feeling is that if the truth came out, we would learn that these hateful teens were engrossed in such trash as rap music, violent films and video games and permissive behavior.

Where are all the proponents of the “free-will, everybody-has-some-good-in-them” perspective?

God have mercy on us.

Another teenager named Sladjana Vidovic had fallen victim to the notorious school bullying before she committed suicide, declaring bullying as a fatal tool that is in the hands of school kids these days.

16-year-old Sladjana Vidovic, a student of the Mentor’s High School, was thrilled for the upcoming prom party and brought herself a pink sparkly dress for the awaited event, but never did she imagine that she will be wearing the same dress while hanging from her room window.

Sladjana Vidovic was subjected to perpetual as well as brutal bullying for her accent by her school mates. Apart from getting mocked for her thick accent, Sladjana Vidovic was facing insults like "Slutty Jana" and "Slut-Jana-Vagina". She had also fallen down the stairs when a girl slapped her on face with a water bottle.

The parents of Sladjana Vidovic had also complained to the school authorities, but to no avail. Finally, one morning, Sladjana tied a rope around her bedpost and wearing her prom dress, she jumped from her bedroom window and ended her life.