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08 October, 2010 / theexpositor

THIS is a church video…



  1. Ron Hongsermeier / Oct 9 2010 8 47

    Thanks, Mike! The church is indeed about people hooked up to the cross.

  2. michelle caceres / Oct 9 2010 9 15

    wow… they always say that if you throw a rock into a crowd ,the person who it hits makes the most noise. You hit me hard! I must remember to be hungry and thirst for His touch..

  3. Chris Fleury / Oct 22 2010 15 21

    Hello, Mike. This is a fantastic video. I’ve tweeted it and shared it on facebook, since I too am not ashamed of the Gospel.

    FYI: I just stumbled upon and am listening to your podcast about Rick Warren / Saddelback Church. I’m a long time Saddleback member and in fact came to know Christ at Saddleback about 17 years ago.

    I suggest you prayerfully consider spending less time attacking fellow servants of Christ for their style and methods. I personally know MANY strong, mature Christians whom God chose to reach out to through Saddleback. The wholeness and fullness teaching at Saddleback is sound. Test it against God’s Word for yourself, not just by listening to occasional weekend messages, but by spending time at some of the many weekly Bible Studies.

    Further study of Paul will reveal that he had a concern for the content of the messages being taught in the churches, not the styles.

    May God Bless you and your church,

    Chris Fleury

    Psalm 133:1
    John 17:23
    1 Corinthians 1:10
    1 Corinthians 12:12-26
    Philippians 2:1-3
    Colossians 3:14

    • theexpositor / Oct 29 2010 9 08


      Thanks for your email and the tone which you shared it. Sorry I have not replied sooner. I have addressed it on my latest radio program but also wanted to share a few quick points here:

      My conclusions and opinions regarding Rick Warren and his ministry did not come overnight. I have conducted hundreds of hours programming on this subject, and it may accurate to say thousands of hours if you combined all of the hours of study, research, writing, working with other ministries, preaching/teaching and interviews. So we have done a LOT of homework on this.

      I totally stand by my conclusions of Warren, that he is a false prophet. What he preaches is not the biblical Gospel. If what he preaches, teaches, writes and declares in public is different than what he does in church, then I would have even less respect for him. Hence one of another of the problems I have with him that he has no problem changing himself like a chameleon to whomever it is he is in the presence of. He gets on FOX and says one thing, speaks to John Piper and says one thing, then meets the Pope and says something altogether.

      My objections to the Purpose Driven Life are clearly and publicly documented. The book begins with the statement “It’s not about me”…then spends the rest of the book saying it about me. The cavalier/ casual use of Scripture, the saturating use of bible versions and paraphrases and the lack of exegetical and hermeneutical skills are clear and are more proof of the error of Warren and PDL.

      As to your comment regarding style, I totally disagree. This has nothing to do with style, but all to do with message and being obedient and accurate with Scriptures. I come from a very rural area of the country where no one wore suit and ties. I have been in churches of all ilks. I have listened to preachers wearing t-shirts and jeans and that are totally faithful to the Word. I have also witnessed preachers in 3-piece suits that are heretics. It’s not about the style; it’s about the content and the message.

      Lastly, I do not believe I have ever made a comment in the fashion that people at Saddleback are not saved, or there are not saved believers at Saddleback. I made a lot of effort not to say things like that because there would no way for me to know such a thing, nor is it my role to make such a declaration. I rejoice whenever the Lord brings someone to Himself. But I will say this, it is my humble opinion that someone saved through the ministry of Rick Warren is not saved because of the ministry of Rick Warren, but in spite of it, because what the man says he believes is not consistent with biblically Christianity.

      Thank you Chris. I hope to hear from you again.

      Soli Deo Gloria,

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