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08 October, 2010 / theexpositor

A little leaven….

Certainly I know it wouldn’t be the Christ-like thing to do, but after watching the videos at, I want to take somebody out back and “whup the tar out of em”.

You MUST go to this great site, which is the creation of Chris Rosebrough, a faithful brother in the Lord, and read, view and listen to the posts. Make one of your favorites and check it often.

In a sort of hopin you understand way, I hope what you experience there makes you mad, in the right way to take and maintain a stand for the true Gospel.

Some of the posts recently include:

  • Miraculous Teeth Whitening-a guy who claims that God miraculously made a woman teeth white during a service, which included the aroma of toothpaste in the air.
  • Thug Life Lifegroups-a hip-hop cop-out rapping pastor, I guess trying to persuade you to attend his “church”.
  • Helter Skelter Sermon Opener-a “church” in Michigan introducing a sermon series by employing a dude in a lobster suit reciting verses from the Beatles tune Come Together. It’s freaky at the least. Reminds me of a local pastor in my area who used the same concept but dressed as Superman and flew around the church.
  • Youth pastor ‘krunkin’- I dont know what krunkin is, but it must involve gyrating on the platform.
  • Young again for God-Heretical pastor Steve Munsey, one of the TBN groupies, asking his parishioners to ‘dress young’ with skinny jeans and graphic t-shirts. Just the site of the guy in his get-up makes you want to scream.
  • And last, but not least- Probably the weirdest, so far, a guy with his face made up like a dog, singing praises to God, including the unforgettable verse, “Glory, Howl-le-lu-ya”!