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07 October, 2010 / theexpositor

In Memory of an Arizona Rancher and a good man

from Western Horseman magazine, concerning Arizona rancher Rob Krentz, who was shot and killed March 2010 while attempting to help an illegal alien his ranch.

Despite bad droughts, cyclical markets, government regulations, and a myriad of other issues, the Krentz family continues to survive as ranchers. The family ranch existed long before there was ever a United States Forest Service dictating rules to them.
This is the legacy Rob was born into.
Over and over again I am told about Rob’s willingness to help out. Rob’s neighbors have great stories to tell about Rob going out of his way to help them out of a jam. He was kind to strangers as well. He was known to help out a thirsty, starving or wounded immigrant on more than one occasion.
That may have been what got him killed. Rob’s last radio transmission to his brother. Phil, was something like: “Going to help an illegal in distress.” Rob and his dog, Blue, were found shot several hours later.
Rob was a favorite around brandings on the nearby ranches. He was nicknamed “Crunch,” and friends laugh as they recall the “Krentz Crunch” that Rob used on waspy calves. Rob was a large man, and after watching younger or smaller cowhands get mucked out by an unruly yearling, Rob would come running and put the Krentz Crunch on the offending animal. The move has been described as a cross between tackle football and wrestling.
Rob loved to hunt, fish, and do just about anything outdoors. He was a good roper, rancher, horseman, cowman, husband and father. Everybody I talked to had nothing but praise for Rob. He was easy to get along with, always positive and genuine.
Rob often told his family, “We are so very blessed to live in this beautiful place and to get to do what we want every day.”

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