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04 October, 2010 / theexpositor

Facebook…a positive or negative?

I’m writing this in hope that someone out there a lot smarter than me can help me figure out a problem.

A different ministry that I work with has been on Facebook for quite some time and has worked up a very large friends list, in fact so large they reached the maximum allowed friends a while ago.

Somewhere along the line, some disgruntled “friend” reported this ministry as being abusive and now Facebook will not allow their website address to be listed, linked to, or even just typed in a message.

The real facts are that the ministry in question is in no way abusive; but now after having invested a lot of time and energy into FB, their site there is hindered.

I have made NUMEROUS attempts to rectify the problems through Facebook’s help pages and it is useless. I have tried to call the toll-free number and get a recorded message that says they do not offer support. I have even sent a good old fashion letter and have heard nothing. This is ridiculous!

If anyone reading this knows what to do, please email me at and clue me in.