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01 October, 2010 / theexpositor

Rick Warren to Speak at Calvinist Event Despite Some Opposition

This article today from

Rick Warren will speak at the Desiring God national conference – connected to Pastor John Piper – Friday amid some criticism of his theology.

Some supporters of the Desiring God ministry had complained that Warren relies more on pragmatism than biblical doctrine – in other words, that he relies more on methods than on God to achieve results.

But Piper defended his decision to invite Warren to the annual conference. In a video, Piper listed Warren’s shared beliefs, including that the Bible is totally inerrant, God is sovereign over everything and that people who do not believe in Jesus Christ as their savior will go to hell.

Warren also memorizes scripture every week, plants a church every year, rejects the prosperity gospel, and believes the only way to change the world is to change people’s hearts through Jesus.


The article concludes:

Other speakers at the event include: R.C. Sproul, Tullian Tchividijian, Albert Mohler, Jr., J.D. Greear, Francis Chan, and Piper.

My thought is…will, or have, any of these ministers voiced any opinion to Dr. Piper or Rick warren. Just wondering.