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12 September, 2010 / theexpositor

What do you believe, really?

Can you say God is sovereign PERIOD, no commas?



  1. Rev. Bryan Dabney / Sep 14 2010 7 07

    Absolutely! God is sovereign! For the regenerated in Christ Jesus, the Godhead– Father, Son and Holy Ghost is over all and fully in charge of his creation. We lean on his power and trust in his might. We live and move and have our being because he is the great I AM. We have his all-sufficient grace which enables us to go forward each day ready to serve. O that others would learn of him and be made alive by his gracious favor.

    • theexpositor / Sep 14 2010 7 12


      How many people do we know that feel they have to help God, because otherwise, He cant do it! They will say that God is sovereign, and then comes the comma and the word but……

      I am confident that He is in complete and total control and the only reason we breath is because He allows it.

      Thanks brother.

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