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01 September, 2010 / theexpositor

Beck should concern you

I listened to something the other day that kind of scared me. Driving home from work, I was listening to Glenn Beck’s program on FOX News on my satellite radio and what I was hearing made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand out.

The hugely popular radio and TV talk show host has long been a voice in conservative politics, but lately he has taken on a distinct approach to religion and has spent entire program spreading his gospel. I say “his gospel” for simply this reason. Beck is a Mormon and I have no doubt that Mormonism is not consistent with Scripture; it is a cult. Yet, ears are opening and eyes shifting toward the blond haired, blue-eyed ADHD personality as he declares that God is all that matters and America must return to God.

Now we have faced such error as the Purpose Drive and Seeker Driven but what Glenn Beck is doing I think is probably more dangerous than any of these movements. I say this not only because Beck is followers of a false religion, but he cloaks his religious fervor in a cover of the enthusiasm that is part of conservative politics with the slick and catchy production of high-tech media.

You want to know the really sad part of it all? There are, and will be, thousands of people who think what Beck preaches is THE gospel, and believe it or not, this will includes many who claim the name of Christ, even those who go further and claim to be conservative Evangelicals. Is a clear fact, as evidenced by numerous polls and studies, that the majority… (wait, let me say it this way…) many who claim to be Bible believing Christians don’t have a clue what being a Christian is and they will fall for anything that comes down the pike, especially if it doesn’t require any work or commitment on their part.

To put it in another way, in my low-shelf vernacular….far too many “Christians” are dumb as a bunch of stumps and have no desire to learn the Truth. Harsh? I know, but true.

I had a conversation not long ago with a family member and we were discussing the ills and woes of America. Part of that conversation went something like this:

My family member: “You know if America is going to survive, we need more people like Rush and Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. That’s the only way we are going to see things changed.”

Me:”Now wait a minute, the only way to change people is by changing the heart of people, and the only way that a person’s heart is changed is through the power of the Gospel. We don’t need more O’Reillys, we need more men with a backbone and the courage to declare, ‘Thus saith the Lord’. That and only that will make definite change.”

Family member:”Well, maybe, I guess…”

To this day I recall that discussion and still think, “MAYBE?” How did we get to the point as a nation, a culture and the church, to where we place more confidence in the words and actions of some guy on TV or radio than we do of the Gospel of Christ?

Well, kinda the long way around the barn, here’s my point; sad but true, many Americans are ignorant and lazy, and “sadder and truer”, that goes double for many Christians. A whole generation, or more, of church attendees are illiterate when it comes to the Bible, and rather than be inconvenienced, they will fall for whatever makes them feel good, so long as it hints at being churchy.

Glenn Beck is trouble. Unless he were to come out and denounces Mormonism and declare his salvation in the true God, we, believers, followers of Christ, should take what he says with the tiniest grain of salt.

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  1. Katie / Sep 1 2010 19 50

    We got here because we took our eyes off of Jesus and put them onto the hollygods. Beck is an edutainer. We need look no further than Liberty University to see how far we have sunk to embrace popular culture. Not only did Beck speak there, but the remaining presence of Ergun Caner (in whatever capacity) should speak loudly. Anyone who has heard Ergun Caner speak knows that his mouth is foul, filled with racist invective and lies. But that’s okay because he puts ‘butts in the pews’.

    I do appreciate some of Beck’s work with correcting the history of our nation. But I know we are playing with fire here.

    I have a great friend who left Mormonism years ago and embraced the true Savior. She has told me often “Katie, do not, under any circumstances, underestimate the power and the will of the LDS church to get what it wants”. It is a cult. They actively work to suppress the truth about their own history and the complete evil of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Beck says he isn’t interested in running for office. I surely hope and pray that is true. But we will then probably have to deal with Mitt Romney. Just what we need … the choice of Liberation Theology or Mormonism. God help us all.

    • Stacy / Sep 7 2010 9 18

      This is why I don’t attend church anymore…it’s hard to find a place to worship Christ FOR REAL and not be preached to about someone’s cruel, unbiblical politics. It seems now if you are not a Republican, then many think you’re not a Christian. It seems there’s no place for me in Christendom – I am not an “I got mine – to heck with you” Republican, and I’m not a liberal “if it feels good do it” type either. I am baffled as to where to find a church that is real and genuine and people like Glenn Beck and his followers make it even less likely as they contaminate the true Gospel.

      • Katie / Sep 8 2010 11 59


        Dear Sister, I share your concern. It is becoming harder and harder to find a wholesome, truly Christ-centered Church. But… they are out there. I don’t know that there is one that will share all of your beliefs, but you can come close.

        It is too bad that politics have had to enter our places of worship. But… there are many in political leadership who just can’t seem to help themselves in their desire to silence Christians. Scripture is clear on the nature of what is right and wrong, and God has written His law on our hearts. The church must respond when politicians want to force Pastors to abandon Biblical truth with the threat of ‘hate crimes’ based on speech. Then look around at most of the mainline protestant churches. The Episcopals are in their last death rattle, the Presbyterians (USA types) are following the Episcopals. add the Lutherans and the Church of Christ. All because they want to force people to accept that scripture is flawed and couldn’t possibly be correct. Look at Bishop Spong. He doesn’t even believe in the virgin birth or the resurrection, yet he led the New Jersey Diocese for decades. Then there is the Metropolitan church who has concluded that David and Jonathon were ‘gay lovers’. Finally, some of the Baptists have suddenly been struck deaf when they hear one of their favorite sons caught in deception that has been going on for almost a decade.

        I don’t believe that Jesus was a Republican or a Democrat. However it is true that scripture lines up more closely with one party when it comes to boldly saying, this behavior is wrong. God did establish government. What we do with that government is up to us.

        I will pray for you. I do know how hard it is to find a Godly Pastor. When my former Pastor retired, my husband and I were not happy with the direction of the new Pastor. It took us over a year to find a good church home where the worship of Jesus was paramount, and outstanding expository preaching accomplished. Then we recently decided to leave our current church because of the influence of the Southern Baptist Convention. We had to start all over again. We ended up in a non-denomination church. If I may, I’d like to suggest John MacArthur’s Grace to You Website. It is overflowing with Godly teaching. You can listen to it via mp3 or even read (and print) his sermons. Best of all, it’s ALL absolutely free. We used this site exclusively until we found a good church. It never failed to uplift, convict, and teach.

        God Bless…….

  2. Rev. Bryan Dabney / Sep 17 2010 7 22

    It is a sad testimony when the Christian faith has become so diluted that its tenets and faith are considered bargaining chips in the game of life. As a former Episcopalian, it was hard for me to leave the faith; but when it became unrecognizable to me, staying was not an option. Unfortunately, compromise in doctrine and the rejection of the truth of the Scriptures has opened the doors of the major denominations of Christendom to admit a host of evils much like opening Pandora’s Box. Nevertheless, there are faithful and true churches out there, one need only seek them out. Some do not advertize. They may even be house churches. But there are still amongst us church bodies where God is worshipped in spirit and in truth.

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