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10 August, 2010 / theexpositor

Patriotism, out! Homosexuality, in!

Home Depot, which is currently targeted by a national American Family Association boycott, seems to have a problem with its dress code.


Home DepotHome Depot fired Christian employee Trevor Keezor who wore a button reading "One Nation Under God" to support his country and his 27-year-old brother who is serving in the military in Iraq. AFA spokesman Randy Sharp offers this observation:


"If you’re a Christian or a patriot and you want to wear a patriotic button, that violates the corporate policy — but if you’re a homosexual and you want to wear an apron with pro-gay buttons and homosexual messages, and wear them in pride parades and gay and lesbian film festivals, those are approved by the Home Depot," he states.

That, says Sharp, is nothing short of viewpoint discrimination.
Randy Sharp AFAIn that light, the AFA spokesman explains his organization’s announced boycott of the home improvement retailer.
"We’re asking people to boycott Home Depot, [first] because they have an unfair policy," he says. "But [secondly] because they support homosexuality on ‘Main Street America.’ They support the homosexual agenda and the promotion of this dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle."

AFA is asking Home Depot to simply be neutral in the culture war. Sharp also reminds people that if they make a purchase at Home Depot, a part of that profit goes to promote homosexuality.