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05 August, 2010 / theexpositor

Sproul on Believers Baptism

from Case for Infant Baptism: The Historic Paedo-Baptist Position, available online in audio and printed form at

"I believe in believer’s baptism.  And I was there and I’m positive that Bob Godfrey believes in believer’s baptism and that Sinclair Ferguson believes in believer’s baptism cause all Reformed people believe in believer’s baptism.  You want to get anecdotal, three weeks ago I had one of the most precious privileges a pastor, a minister of the gospel can ever have, baptized three adults at St.  Andrew’s Church.  We only have 43 members and it was such a thrill to baptize those adults into the fellowship of Jesus Christ.  And let me tell you what, not only do we baptize adults, but we will not baptize adults until they are…unless they first make a profession of faith and give evidence of repentance and of clinging in faith to Jesus Christ. "


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  1. Brett S / Aug 7 2010 13 02

    Amen! to “believers baptism”.
    I was baptized as an adult after repenting of many sins and coming to faith in Jesus Christ. While my church’s tradition in far from perfect, it perhaps delays baptizing adults longers than most. Adults are introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and required to undergo a period of instruction, as well as making a public profession of faith in which other members of the community are required to testify on their behalf. Many “rituals” are involved in the process (not because they are magic-hocus-pocus or anything); but because the new faithful are allowed to “put on Christ” and walk with other members of the community (and every Christian can’t make up their own church and do whatever the heck they want to do). I think a period of time for new believers to be incorporated into the body of Christ is consistent with Paul’s warning in scripture about “believing in vain”.
    “the gospel I preached to you, which you received, in which you stand, and by which you are being saved, if you hold fast to the word I preached to you—unless you believed in vain.” 1 Cor 15:1-2

    BUT, I don’t think the disagreement is over “believers baptism”. All Christians celebrate believers baptism and there’s not much debate over whether it’s biblical/orthodox.
    If I have my theological terms right “Paedo” means baby, right!
    We all know full well that babies can’t make a profession of faith and be required to repent.
    But my 4 little children (who were baptised as infants) are just as much baptised as I am, and just as Christian as I am; by the Grace of almighty God!

    Making this an either/or question is what the smart theological guys call a “presupposition” in my book. Baptism is a gift that no man is ever worthy of.

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