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26 July, 2010 / theexpositor

Apostasy, Inc.

False teachers Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes join forces to spread more of their error. Listen folks…no matter how much fun it is, how matter good the music is, no matter how accepted it is in the mainstream culture….wrong is wrong, and what these men are teaching IS NOT the Gospel!


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  1. Mark / Jul 27 2010 9 43

    Birds of a feather….

    I looked in for “flock,” and this really caught my attention in reference to this. I pray I am not not using it in the wrong sense or context:

    They will go with their flocks and herds
    To seek the LORD, but they will not find Him;
    He has withdrawn from them.
    7They have dealt treacherously against the LORD,
    For they have borne illegitimate children
    Now the new moon will devour them with their land. (Hosea 5:6-7)

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