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13 July, 2010 / theexpositor

Catchin up…with my 2 cents

I have been away for a few days on a much needed and way too short vacation. I tried to avoid as much of the outside world as possible, but it was next to impossible. So, I offer my comments on some of the “big news stories” that occurred while I was gone…in bullet point of course.

  • The Obama administration is still incompetent and corrupt- DOJ refuses to charge Black Panthers; Oil spill in Gulf still leaking; Michelle Obama tells NAACP to ‘increase intensity’, condemning racism in tea-party. (What about racism in NAACP?)
  • Newt Gingrich is considering running for president. Good!
  • Louisiana tightens up their abortion laws. Amen! 
  • Another letter to the editor in the Vicksburg Post (the local newspaper where I live) from a visitor to the city saying he and his family were mistreated and will never come back. Not surprising, when the mentality and strategy focuses on gambling and hand outs. They should name it Apathy-burg!
  • The Presbyterian Church USA does all it can to continue to prove it is apostate; lifting ban on the ordination of gay clergy, calling for end of aid to Israel, etc. Another bunch that want to call themselves Christians but not follow the mandates of scripture.  
  • Lebron James signs with Miami- Who cares? Another instance of an under-worked, overpaid, inarticulate pro athlete and a gullible public who gives a hoot.
  • Jesse Jackson compares Lebron James relationship to the Cleveland Cavaliers like a slave to a master. Funny, how many slaves were paid millions of dollars to bounce a ball part of the year and sit on their butt the rest? Jesse Jackson is an idiot and a has-been.
  • Spain wins the World Cup 1-0 in one of the most boring exhibitions of sport I have ever seen….and still I would rather watch it than any other American sport that supports and flaunts the gangster-rap thugs that some of the organizations pay to play a game.


  1. Caron / Jul 13 2010 14 26

    LOL! I agree! Though I agree with you on every point something tells me you are right – A longer vacation was due 🙂 Bless you!

    • theexpositor / Jul 13 2010 14 35

      I have a second for a longer vacation….do I hear a third? 🙂 My idea of a vacation is not necessarily going somewhere (but thats okay), but definitely includes doing very very little.

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