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07 May, 2010 / theexpositor

Why are members of the secular media soft on Muslims but merciless on Christians?

by Dr. Michael Youssef,

The answer is much simpler than you think. It is cowardice.
Fear of Islamic swift retribution and retaliation has kept the secular media in the West hiding in their proverbial foxholes. Ever since the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard ignited a worldwide firestorm with his depiction of the Islamic prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban, members of the western media have been falling over themselves to praise Islamic ideologies.

Fear is a powerful fact of life. Whether it is the fear of acts of terrorism or fear of incurring the wrath of Islamic investors, both can be easily exercised with impunity.

Attacking Christians as a matter of course for causing every ill in society — from the economic crash to every form of bigotry — has become not only fashionable but desirable. You need only to read the BBC’s website on any given day and you will find countless examples of condemnation of Christians around the globe. For instance, take the case of a government registrar who refused to deny her Christian conviction by performing a marriage ceremony for a same-sex couple. In contrast, you will find only praise for the courage of Muslims who fulfilled their religious duty by going to the Hajj while braving the threat of Swine Flu.

It is safer to pick on Christians. After all, the essence of their faith is love, forgiveness, and peacemaking. They would never respond in similar fashion to their Muslim counterparts.
Back in 1981 when I met someone conveniently labeled (in the West) as a "militant Muslim," his complaint to me was that "Christians are cowards." When I inquired as to his reasons he simply said, "the name of Jesus is used as a swear word in the movies and on TV." When I asked for his advice for Christians, he replied: "They should kill every actor and producer who would blaspheme their Jesus."

Members of the secular media have studied the psyche of both groups and concluded that Christians are easy targets to blame for every ill and bigotry that arises in our culture. When they begin searching for an object to bear the brunt of their anger toward religion, Christians represent a bulls-eye. The secular media has come to realize that their accusations will not be challenged since the tenants of the Christian faith are to love our enemies and bless our persecutors.

But what these members of the media have failed to realize is that the God of the Christians is the One who will avenge His own name sooner or later. And that is truly a fearful and terrifying prospect.

Dr. Michael Youssef founded The Church of The Apostles in 1987 in Atlanta. Now the church home to more than 3,000, it became the launching pad for his international radio ministry "Leading the Way." His blog entries and thoughts on God and culture and on political Islam are now available online.