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27 April, 2010 / theexpositor

More evidence of the downhill slide of Liberty University

Liberty University, founded by Dr. Jerry Falwell and I do believe affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, announced recently that the commencement speaker at the upcoming graduation ceremony will be none other than FOX News and radio talk show host Glenn Beck. I find myself agreeing with Mr. Beck on issues involving politics, but in matters of faith and theology, there is NO way, as Beck is a devout Mormon, converted to that false religion from Roman Catholicism no less. So why is a Christian university featuring a keynote address by a committed member of the cultic Mormon religion? Most recently we learned of the lies and deception by Calvinist-hater Ergun Caner and now this. Rested assure, there will be more. Its just more evidence that Liberty under the leadership of Jonathan Falwell has long taken the downgrade to compromise. Here is a great article by Ingrid Schlueter at  Crosstalk Blog:

The decision by Liberty University to invite Fox’s Glenn Beck as commencement speaker is making waves. It should. It is both revealing and prophetic that American evangelical Christians would have to look to a member of the Mormon church for moral and spiritual leadership. At a time when the Gospel of Jesus Christ should be held up as the only sure cure for our nation’s woes, officials at Liberty University, like so many others, have chosen to promote a therapeutic moral deism instead. Rather than bring a faithful preacher and Christian leader to issue the challenge of a lifetime to these graduating young people, Liberty offers a Mormon talk show host.

As admirable and needed as Glenn Beck’s crusade for our nation’s Constitution is, the lesson that should have been learned by graduates at Liberty University is that our true battle is against the enemy of our souls. He is the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. The ultimate answer to the ravages of the enemy in our culture will never be the forcing of a public display of morality. The only true answer is found in the forgiveness of sins available through Jesus Christ, the Lamb for sinners slain. Glenn Beck cannot offer that because his church preaches another Jesus.

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  1. Alice Cone / May 24 2010 15 01

    Glenn Beck had Jonathan Falwell on his show last week. During the interview Mr. Beck thanked Mr. Falwell for being brave enough to have someone like him speak at their commencement thus acknowledging the differences in their theology. I thought Mr. Falwell’s response spoke volumes. Since I don’t remember it verbatim I will paraphrase: He basically said that Liberty University wasn’t afraid to have people with other views speak on their campus….unlike liberal universities who refuse to allow conservative speakers. Rather, WHEN YOU KNOW THE TRUTH anyone’s opinion is welcomed because you can defend THE TRUTH. However, when you don’t HAVE the TRUTH you are instinctively afraid of it. I don’t fault Liberty University for inviting Mr. Beck to speak. He is an inspiring speaker and he speaks of renewing our national Christian heritage and gives many evangelicals a voice on his TV show. We can at least thank him for that!

    • theexpositor / May 24 2010 18 29

      Like I shared in my initial post, I appreciate Beck’s commitment and efforts in the realms of politics and policy. I agree with him concerning his views and efforts regarding the Obama administration and the socialist movements in America. But in the areas of faith and theology, we cannot agree. Beck is the follower of a cult, Mormonism, and there is no way in the world I could ever partner with him in any religious effort and I would exercise caution and discernment in how I would support him in secular efforts as well.

      As to the comments from Falwell, I will research it because I want to hear exactly what he said, but I have great concerns with Liberty University and the Falwell ministries anyway. They have always been adherents of an Arminian theology and, especially since the death of Jerry Falwell, have fully embraced easy-believeism. In addition I have great concerns regarding their integrity with the recent controversy involving Liberty Seminary President Ergun Caner and developments that have shown he has lied regarding his testimony.

      But allow me to offer these quick questions in bullet-point form:
      *With what Falwell stated on the Beck program, did he actually defend the Truth?
      *It has not been, and probably will not be revealed publicly, but at any time, did anyone with Liberty ever confront Beck with his sin and call him to repentance?
      *Are we not called to disassociate ourselves with those of false religions? When Liberty partnered with Beck, was that as a university, or as a Christian university?

      In many other circumstances, if a Christian entity were to partner with a person of a cult in the manner Liberty did with Beck, there would probably be something said about it. But because Beck’s political views are conservative, Liberty is given a pass.

      Last question, considering Falwell’s comments as you expressed, what was be the problem with inviting someone of the other end of the political and religious spectrum, like say, Louis Farrakhan to speak?

      Thanks Alice for your comment.

  2. Mark S / Jun 1 2010 20 15

    It would be one thing to have Beck come and speak to LU’s Young Republicans group (or whatever they are called), or to participate in a debate on the topic of faith in adult or public life, or whatever.

    However, they had him speak as the main speaker at the commencement. That’s the last official address by someone valued by the institution to those people as students of the university. That carries either explicit or a heavily implicit endorsement of the speaker — many institutions confer an honorary doctorate or other degree upon commencement speakers; I don’t know if LU did in this case, but that is the kind of esteem given to graduation speakers. A commencement address is a charge to graduates to motivate them in their life as degreed individuals. In a Christian university, such a charge ought to be about such things as living as Christians in the world — Heb 12:1-2 comes to mind! Such a charge should be given by a Christian! It shouldn’t be given by someone who has faith in himself, presumably with the help of a son of a god who used to be a man. By contrast, would anyone ever expect Brigham Young University to invite Mark Dever, or for that matter Mark Driscoll, to deliver their commencement address? I will not hold my breath waiting for that.

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