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23 April, 2010 / theexpositor

Todd Friel-If You Have Been Hurt

(Editors note:Wonderful article Todd and very well articulated. Thank you.)

by Todd Friel, Wretched Newsletter

How many people have been deeply wounded because of “The Purpose Driven Church”? If I were a betting man, I would guess millions have been driven from their beloved church because of the writings of Rick Warren.

That is the second reason I absolutely hate the decision made by a man I love to invite Rick Warren to speak at the Desiring God Conference in the fall of this year.
As Purpose has seduced over 300,000 pastors (that is not a guess) to leave the Jesus Model and follow the Rick Model, faithful sheep have been forced out of their church by their shepherd to make room for the goats. Devastating.

If you are one of those people, I am very, very sorry that one of the men who probably served as an anchor during your storm has seen fit to use his national conference to figure out how Rick Warren ticks. Frankly, we know how Rick Warren ticks. He may have file cabinet orthodoxy, but his public works are nothing short of lethal.

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  1. Paula / May 5 2010 1 09

    I loved this article, thanks for posting.

    It is shameful how many Christians showed up on Wretched’s facebook page when this was posted and trashed everyone who would have an issue with this decision by Piper.

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