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22 April, 2010 / theexpositor

A typical exchange with a Warren follower

I receive many emails, most of them are cordial and constructive. I also receive a lot of email from people who accuse me of picking on Rick Warren, like its a matter of two kids on a playground fighting over a football. The strange and sad turn of most of the email conversations comes when I challenge them to support their opinion of Warren’s ministry with Scripture. To this day, I can count on one hand the number of people who have accepted my challenge. I share with you one recent exchange with a person by the name of Robert.

Thank God for Rick Warren. He is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and preaches the gospel
Please stop your hateful diatribe for the sake of Christ.
Get over it
Light a candle instead of cursing Rick Warren

Thanks Robert for taking the time to write.
As I have others, and with all due respect, I challenge you to produce chapter and verse to prove your points.
As to getting over it, as Christians we are called to not get over it and to earnestly contend for the faith, Jude 3.
Thanks again.

I’ve been to Saddleback numerous times; the man preaches the gospel in spite of what you contend.
Go after sinners man, not those who preach the gospel of Jesus Christ like Rick Warren.

I can appreciate your visits and your opinion. But it’s neither what I think nor what you think that ultimately matters. What does God think as revealed in His Word? That’s all that matters. Examine Warren’s ministry through the lenses of Scripture. Show me chapter and verse.
Just to point….Christ was compassionate toward the sinner…it were the ones who claimed to presenting the truth, while actually spouting lies, that He called snakes and white washed walls.
We, all of us, have to get the Gospel right. We have no other choice. It’s not ours to change or alter. Warren does just that. He changes, alters, leaves parts out, and that Robert, is wrong, it is error, and what he proclaims is false. Thousands of people are being led to a fantasy salvation through the diluted and deceiving ministry of Rick Warren.
Thanks again Robert.