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20 April, 2010 / theexpositor

Some bullet points on Piper-Warren issue

Emails I have received have led me to share some short thoughts on the John Piper-Rick Warren controversy  that I pray will clarify some concerns:

  • I am not throwing Dr. Piper under the bus. I think his decision was wrong and if I were able to tell him I would encourage him to change his mind.
  • I disagree with Dr. Piper’s assessment of Rick Warren’s theology and ministry.
  • I am bothered by Dr. Piper’s decision to invite Warren to speak but want to see what else develops.
  • I do not personally hate Rick Warren. I do not know the man.
  • I hold to my opinion that Warren is a false prophet and the proof of this is, I believe, clearly evident in his preaching, writings and interviews. I pray for him that he will repent and turn from his false gospel.
  • I’m still very curious as to what John MacArthur or R.C. Sproul think about the situation.

There is probably more, and if so, I will share it later.


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