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20 April, 2010 / theexpositor

A Wideness in God’s Mercy?

John MacArthur offers insight on the message of Billy Graham. It is considered blasphemy in some circles to question the message preached by Billy Graham but Dr. MacArthur offers Biblical insight along with the text of an interview with Dr. Graham by Robert Schuller to examine his message. From Pelagius to Arminius, from Finney to Sunday, from Graham to Warren…….



  1. The Seeking Disciple / Jul 24 2010 20 22

    Pelagius to Arminius? I can see by the flow that you link Pelagius’ theology with Arminius but have you read Arminius? In no way are they the same. From the view of the fall of man to election, both are wide apart and Arminius was clear in his writings that he did not find any commonality with Pelagius despite people accusing him of this during his life time.

  2. The Seeking Disciple / Jul 24 2010 20 26

    Here is a link to back up my point:

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