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08 April, 2010 / theexpositor

What is the world is next?

Obama is breaking America financially, he will eventually tax us to the point we cant pay enough, he snubs and even scolds our allies like Israel, he apologizes to other countries for our so-called faults and failures, he lies at every turn on any situation, he cant darken the door of a Christian church but he can take his shoes off to pray at a Muslim mosque, he wants to take our stuff away from us and give it to others who wont work for it, and the latest is that he is systemically doing away with the very weapons and means that keep us safe and actually telling our enemies that if they attack us, we will not attack them.

It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear people like Bill O’Reilly say they think Obama is a good guy that means well, or that he is a competent leader who is just making some bad decisions. I don’t buy that crap for one second.

He is a liar, a cheat, a weakling, a doophus, a traitor, a socialist, a Marxist, a communist, a pagan and to tell you the truth….im starting to wonder if he really was born in a foreign country. This man, and others like him, has the sole purpose of implementing his selfish, heathen, communist radical agenda onto America. Sadly, many of us are so scared of being labeled a racist for opposing the administration of a black president that we sit on our butts and do absolutely nothing.

There was a line I jokingly used to say when I would be riding in the car while my sister was driving, and I think I applies here……”He’s gonna kill us all!”