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06 April, 2010 / theexpositor

Jonas Brothers Rock Rick Warren’s Easter Service

How anyone, especially someone who claims the Name of Christ and claims to read and know His Word, could look at something like the mess that was presented by Saddleback Church as an Easter serivce, and not have problems with it, is beyond me.  This piece comes from Ingrid Schlueter at the Crosstalk Blog.

“The girls were screaming, biting their fists and swooning as the Jonas Brothers took the stage for Rick Warren’s Saddleback Easter service at Angel Stadium. The reportedly smokin’ hot boy band sang some well-known Easter hymns like “Hold On”, “A Little Bit Longer”, and this doctrinally heavy number:…….

Those of us with young people to raise in our homes are now further challenged to try to explain just how someone with the vast biblical knowledge of John Piper can openly endorse one of the most damaging false teachers of our time. Rick Warren is not damaging because he lacks the right answers theologically. He is damaging because those biblical answers have had no influence on his public ministry. Orthodoxy is worthless if it never leaves the realm of the books on his shelf. Right theology needs to be the bedrock of a pastor’s preaching and ministry life. Anything less leads to a corrupt view of Jesus Christ and a false gospel. Just ask Joe Jonas.”

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