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01 April, 2010 / theexpositor

Piper Announcing Warren will be at DG Conference

What in the world is happening? Did I fall alseep and have a bad dream and just wake up? What is going through the mind of John Piper? This video from, to me via Apprising Ministries, is of John Piper announcing to a crowd that indeed Rick Warren will be speaking at the Desiring God Conference this October. I dont know whether to scream, cry or go back to bed. I will say this, it would be nice to know what John MacArthur thinks…..


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  1. Douglas / Apr 1 2010 14 47

    I cannot believe it, it is just so sad. Warren has cleverly deceived John Piper and who knows how many else? Deception is on the increase. It is like a smog or a fog has come over people and they cannot see clearly the dangers ahead.

    More Details About Our National Conference

    Look at the list of other speakers???? What in God’s name is going on? Rick Warren is a master illusionist. He does not preach the true biblical gospel, he proclaims his Purpose Driven gospel, which is no gospel at all, it is a another gospel. Warren uses bits and pieces of the gospel but they are often twisted to suit his teachings. Piper needs to read Bob Dewaay’s book: “Redefining Christianity: Understanding the Purpose Driven Movement.”

    In the video there, you can see how Rick Warren has conned Piper in what he has said to him and how he has said it, affirming this and affirming that and so forth.

    It is all so dicouraging, part of me wants to give up Christianity and go back to my wordly ways. Maybe I will just stay at home and fellowship there or at someone elses home.

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