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22 March, 2010 / theexpositor

Can American be saved?

The passing of the Obama healthcare plan in the House of Representatives is one more communist nail in the coffin of America. What a disgusting display by the Marxists Obama, Pelosi and all the other democrats…huh, sorry Communists…as they lied, stole and cheated their way to get this trash passed. What may be worse is the weak response by Republicans. If the GOP had some backbone and done more to stand up for the right principles when they should have, maybe this travesty of socialist healthcare would not be a reality.

We sit around and worry more about being nice and following protocol, while with a smile and quiet tone, the Marxist are taking over this nation. Just once I would like to hear a legislator step to the microphone and call the “progressives” what they are COMMUNISTS!! Call Obama what he is, a Socialist-Marxist who doesn’t have a clue about what’s right for this country. He is a clueless, spineless, weak puppet whose goal is to make this once great nation an elitist operated, government controlled communist state. If you are reading this and cannot see the problem then you are either mentally defected, stupid, intellectually lazy or part of the problem.    

But when it all comes down to the brass tacks….America is slowly but surely becoming a socialist nation, while, we sit in the water while it comes to a boil. We are such a gullible and lazy people. How can we sit still and allow the Obamas, Pelosis, Reids and the other freaks, to take the greatest country this world has ever known and destroy it?

Wake up people!! It may too late.



  1. jen / Mar 22 2010 16 53

    Thankfully, there are just a few who are brave enough to speak up. Did you see this?

    • theexpositor / Mar 22 2010 17 54

      Thanks Jen for sharing this. I posted the video in a separate post.



  1. THIS IS WHAT SOCIALISM LOOKS LIKE « we are judeo-christian, period!

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