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17 February, 2010 / theexpositor

Whats the Deal? Jim Wallis to speak at Prestonwood BC!

From Worldview Network comes the word that apostate Jim Wallis is speaking at one of the most prominent Southern Baptist churches in America, Prestonwood in Dallas, Texas where Jack Graham is pastor. Sad but not unbelievable.

Read and listen to Brannon Howses commentary on the story.



  1. Sandy Manning / Feb 17 2010 17 09

    I sent a lengthy email to Prestonwood’s pastor last night. I got a very short response this morning from his assistant that Jim Wallis will not be speaking. As of late last night, he was still listed on the schedule on their website and it has now been removed. Thankfully Prestonwood has done the right thing. PTL!

  2. susan shields / Mar 11 2010 19 51

    This fellow should never have been invited to begin with. If you do an internet search on Jim Wallis you wil find it quite troubling what you find about his beliefs and his intentions. The pastor of Prestonwood should guard the doors of his church diligently.and he should make a public statement re: false teachers…and he should initiate church discipline to the elder or deascon who allowed this.If you look up emergent church and contemplative spirituality you will see this danger sweeping across the churches and no one seems to be talking about it!!! Help us Lord be discerning and trust and obey you alone,not Man.

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