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11 September, 2009 / theexpositor

Whats it going to take?

My fellow Americans, as many of us commemorate what happened to our nation eight years ago this day, I take time to reflect on why, how and what have we learned.

I was on the air doing a live radio program, about to interview an author to discuss her new book, when my broadcast partner yelled, “something just a building in New York!” Like most Americans, I couldn’t believe it; I couldn’t believe what I had seen. It was numbing. Ironically, the author we were about to interview was an executive producer for ABC News, in New York, and was blocks away from the World Trade Center. Even she was shocked and confused about what had happened. We took advantage of this opportunity to utilize her expertise and position to provide more information to our listeners.

For days we stayed on the air, providing live coverage of the events as they unfolded. My partner and I took turns monitoring the controls to make sure the public was informed.

What followed in the days and weeks ahead was a tremendous show of unity, determination and resolve, to bring the ones responsible for this horrific act to justice and to mourn for the ones who were killed. Prayer groups and meeting met everywhere. President Bush cried openly as he pledged to America that this act would not go unanswered. We all cried.

Since those days, eight years ago, there have been (and continue to be) wars battling terrorism, but thanks to the courage of President Bush and brave Americans, we have not been attacked since.

But what have we learned? Have we changed as a nation for the better? Do we as a nation continue to have the resolve to do whet right? In spite of the prayer meetings, the tears, the shouts, the efforts, it is my humble opinion that we have learned very little. At least we have not applied what we have learned.

Americans elected a compromising, passive Marxist as president.

We continue to maintain that Islam is not the problem, that its only the extremists within Islam that’s the problem. I have often wondered, if it hits the fan, and Muslim terrorists take over, who will the “peaceful Muslims” align with?

We have leaders and politicians travel to foreign soil to mock, ridicule and make apologies on behalf of America, most notable, the president.

Legislators openly commend and praise foreign dictators as being examples of right leadership.

American is turning into a socialist state and I fear, one day, may be a communist state, if we do nothing.

Spiritually, we are worse than we were on or before 9/11/2001. Far too much of the church maintains a complacent, lazy and selfish attitude; choosing to follow their own interpretations of the truth, rather than the Truth itself.

What is it going to take? What else has to happen for us to wake up? We have seen horrendous events take place before our eyes. Many of us have experienced these evils personally….and yet, by and large we remain silent and dormant.

What’s it going to take?

God have mercy!