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02 July, 2009 / theexpositor

Rick Warren to address Muslims

I am not surprised that Warren would address a Muslim group; my question is WHAT WILL HE SAY? Considering his record….I would pleasantly surpised if “America’s Pastor” said anything resembling the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Purpose Driven” megachurch pastor Rick Warren will be spending his Fourth of July speaking to up to 40,000 Muslims in the nation’s capital.

Warren, whose network of pastors spans over 160 countries, is expected to speak during the main session of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)’s 46th annual convention, which has as its theme “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

“Considered the cornerstone of the convention, the Saturday Evening Main Session is not to be missed,” organizers state in the program for the four-day convention, which starts Friday.

“Prominent, sought after scholars will address the theme of the convention at large,” they add. “The session is both relevant and meaningful to Islam in North America.”

Since Sayyid Syeed, a longtime leader with ISNA who focuses on building the organization’s interfaith ties, invited Warren to speak during a White House gathering they attended last year, the Southern California pastor has refrained from making any public comments regarding the invitation.

But Syeed told The Indianapolis Star, the largest newspaper in Indiana, where ISNA is based, that Warren “realizes that it is equally critical for him to work with people of other faiths.”

Syeed has also noted that he and Warren have worked together on projects fighting malaria and advocating for people with HIV and AIDS.