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16 June, 2009 / theexpositor

CT on Tim Keller

Christianity Today offers a profile on Dr. Tim Keller, senior minister of Redeemer Presbyterian (PCA)….

Keller’s PCA denomination proclaims classic Puritan doctrine. Keller not only adheres firmly to that doctrine, he also is a student of it, with a first-class knowledge of such luminaries as Jonathan Edwards. Yet he balances this doctrinal narrowness with catholicity, appreciating not only the Reformed theology of his heritage, but also actively supporting the efforts of charismatics, Lutherans, and the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Of the 65 churches that Redeemer has helped to plant in the New York area, only 10 are PCA. The largest is Southern Baptist.

Pastor Gyger puts it this way: “He has a practical understanding that if we are going to reach the whole city, we need a wide spectrum of the church.”

Much of Redeemer’s impact has been through friendships, word of mouth, and sermons passed on from one person to another. Redeemer resisted publicity, avoiding reporters. For years, Keller did little writing or speaking outside the church.

But now Keller is writing and speaking extensively, and has also put formal mentoring programs in place. For example, four young pastors who are on the verge of planting churches in the New York area spend an hour with Keller every month, going through a syllabus. “Redeemer Labs” was launched a year ago to spread the church’s vision through books, online downloads, curricula, and other media approaches, and to attract a new generation of leaders to carry it out.

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