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12 June, 2009 / theexpositor

Where is this in Scripture? London Bishop says WE must make Jesus more attractive!

Where is it in the Bible that commands us to make the Lord Jesus and His Gospel attractive enough that sinners will come to salvation? ITS ISNT THERE! Yet another erroneous portrayal of fhe Truth, that insists we have some powerful role in determining our own eternity. Even worse it the fact that one doesnt have to travel to England to find this sort of thing, you only have to go to many churches in your own hometown.

LONDON – A Bishop in the Church of England has challenged Christians to help put an end to the cultural norm that says being bad is cool, while being good is boring.

“Make being good attractive,” writes the Rt. Rev. Gordon Mursell, bishop of Stafford, in a pastoral letter published this month in parish magazines across the Diocese of Lichfield. Diocese of Lichfield.

A life lived for Jesus, he continued, was one that was good as well as attractive to others.

“Living for Jesus means making his teaching, his passions, his values, but above all his life, our own,” he said.

“It means dying to self, to the old Adam (as St Paul put it), and accepting Jesus’ invitation to put God and other people first, to lay down our old habits and receive the free and gracious gift of new life in Christ.”

“And here’s the miracle,” Mursell highlighted. “When we do that we are changed. To our own genuine astonishment, we become attractive. People see something in us that challenges their values; and they want to know what it is.

“The evidence for the resurrection is changed lives.”

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