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05 February, 2009 / theexpositor

Tribal Demonic “Ministry”

This example of the “ministry” of Rick Joyner and MorningStar is strange even among the strange, and definitely demonic. I cannot believe I ever gave this man credibility. Thank the Lord for forgiving me. I still personally know people who think this sort of thing is mainstream. God helps us.



  1. Rachel / Feb 8 2009 23 56

    I shouldn’t have watched that right after eating. :/ Sickening and yes definitely demonic.

  2. theinterpreter / Feb 15 2009 16 09

    The father never possess so this is not of the Father.

    Just of a ministry with a debt to pay and needing more and more ways to do so with and by possessing us or trying to.

  3. the Rev. Bryan Dabney / Feb 23 2009 13 20

    Reverence and holiness before the LORD? Ray Bauman’s comment on church growth comes to mind, ‘they come as they are and they will leave as they were.’
    Without reverence and holiness there can be no real worship and none that is acceptable to God.

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